Cool Flowers, Beyond the Book for Flower Farming

Apply the Cool Flowers Concept to Flower Farming

Learn to grow a spring cash crop when flowers are in high demand!

Cool Flowers, Beyond the Book for Flower Farming is a 60-minute online training with Lisa Mason Ziegler made up of 6 sessions on how to apply the Cool Flowers concept to cut-flower farming.

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Cool Flowers, Beyond the Book for Flower Farming Online Workshop

A 60-minute online training made up of 6 sessions on how to apply the Cool Flowers concept to cut-flower farming.

The book Cool Flowers was written for the home gardener audience— but is 100% based on Lisa’s experiences as a cut-flower farmer. In normal Lisa style— she tells all in this training on how to grow this group of flowers as a spring cash crop when flowers are in high demand.

Learn what has been gathered since the book was published and get the answers to the frequently asked questions including:

  • Additional cool flowers and updates on some featured in the book.
  • How she is handling the ever changing weather patterns.
  • Deeper insights on planting times.
  • How to manage field grown crops.
  • Let’s talk seed starting troubles.
  • Planting beyond your hardiness zone and Cool Flowers to bloom in the fall.

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Meet Lisa Mason Ziegler 

What began as a small cut-flower farm producing for local markets has grown into so much more. Lisa has become a leader in the cut-flower growing industry, author, accomplished speaker, teacher, and the owner of The Gardener’s Workshop.

It all began in 1998 because Lisa wanted to work in her garden as her career. At first, she sold her cut flowers to local florists and Colonial Williamsburg. The business soon grew to include florist throughout the Hampton Roads region, supermarkets, farmers markets, a members-only on-farm market, and a bouquet drop-off subscription service.

During this time Lisa began giving programs to garden clubs, master gardeners, commercial growers, and other groups. What became apparent is that people were eager for her simplified organic gardening methods and her greatest gift is sharing them.

The next natural step came when Lisa self-published The Easy Cut-Flower Garden in 2011 (currently out-of-print) a 100-page guide on how-to grow and harvest a small home cutting garden. Her program travels began to spread from Texas to Oregon to New York City and she went on to become published with Cool Flowers in 2014 (St. Lynn’s Press) and Vegetables Love Flowers (Cool Springs Press 2018.)

In 2018 Lisa began creating online courses to share her programs and teachings. This style of teaching with it’s convenience, cost effectiveness, and lifetime unlimited access has proven to be another wonderful teaching tool. In 2019, embracing this technology even further and building an amazing in-house support administration team has allowed Lisa to produce online courses for others.

Lisa’s farm, known as The Gardener’s Workshop is still a small market flower farm (100% outdoor field grown), and an online garden shop. The online store sells the same seeds, tools, supplies, and seed starting equipment that Lisa uses as well as signed copies of her books.  Lisa’s simple, instructive, and delightful gardening messages are reaching far beyond any expectation she ever had.

Lisa has been a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers since 2001 and served as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director from 2016 to 2020. She is also a member of the Garden Communicators International.

Lisa Mason Ziegler’s Books and Online Courses:

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