Forcing Glorious Blooms for the Holidays and Beyond!

with Val Schirmer

Learn to Force Beautiful Paperwhites & Amaryllis

Would you like to learn how to grow indoor blooming bulbs this winter? Enjoy these gardens during the long cold days of winter and even give them as gifts. Val Schirmer takes the mysteries out of selecting, growing, and enjoying indoor blooming holiday bulbs. Gorgeous winter blooms have never been so easy to grow! 


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BUY NOW $49.95


Forcing Glorious Blooms for the Holidays and Beyond!

In this On-Demand workshop, Val Schirmer of Three Toads Farm shares her firsthand experiences of creating remarkable tabletop indoor blooming winter gardens with bulbs. Learn what bulbs and sizes to purchase, planting instructions, containers ideas, how to keep it beautiful, and even to present it as an amazing gift. Includes over 3 hours of course material.  This course includes Amaryllis and Paperwhites only.

Sessions in the course include:

  • First Things First: How to Select the Right Bulbs
  • How to Force Amaryllis
  • How to Force Paperwhites
  • Creating Gorgeous Displays with Amaryllis
  • How to Create Magazine-Worthy Displays with Paperwhites
  • How to Save Your Amaryllis to Rebloom Again Next Year
  • BONUS - How to Create the Most Unique Gift Ever!


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Meet Val Schirmer

A little Kentucky bourbon is most likely the force behind every great big, totally far-fetched idea. That’s what happened in 1997 when Val Schirmer made a pact with a family friend and newly retired firefighter Charlie Hendricks to start a tiny business growing flowers. But not just any flowers. The pair had the crazy notion they wanted to grow the kind of flowers that could literally stop people in their tracks.

Over a few bourbon-infused toasts that summer evening on the Schirmer’s country porch (just down the road in Clark County) Three Toads Farm — which Martha Stewart Weddings calls one of the top 10 farmer-florists in the country — was born and the pair learned through trial and error over the next several years to grow the biggest, boldest Oriental lilies that most people have ever seen. And that’s the basis for everything the farm does: big, bold, using the largest bulbs commercially available. That applies to the holiday and spring bulbs they force, along with dahlias, peonies, and more.

Today Three Toads Farm is part of the local flower renaissance taking place around the world, growing uncommon and heirloom flowers and creating exquisite fresh-from-the-garden floral design for a handful of select weddings and events, thanks to Hendricks’ daughter, Elizabeth Hendricks, who interned as a Toad when she was 11. Val also serves as president of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Summer W.

Thank you so much for this class Val Schirmer and TGW! I absolutely loved it! The videos were in-depth and the class materials are a wonderful reference. I especially liked the resource sheets! I have my bulbs ordered so I can put together bulb gardens for friends and family. I am also going to try my hand at selling a few bulb forcing kits. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Val!


Fabulous class!! Val did an excellent job at explaining the details of forcing bulbs. More than that she inspired us to do it for our business. As a first year flower farmer this is such great information to have. Thank you TGW for providing such a standard of excellence in your educational classes.

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