Flower Farming School Online: 

Growing Cut-Flower Crops in Hoop & Greenhouses

with Steve and Gretel Adams

Become an Informed Hoop & Greenhouse Grower!
Transform Your Flower Farm By Extending Your Season and Expanding Your Cut-Flower Crops by Growing in Hoop and Greenhouses

 Course Cost: $595




Growing Cut-Flower Crops in Hoop & Greenhouses

This course covers the entire process of growing cut-flowers in heated and unheated structures. It is for beginner growers without a house yet to seasoned growers that want to expand an existing operation with more crops, season extension, and better management.  

Learn in this course:

  1. What type of structure to invest in, where to purchase and locate it
  2. How to extend production into the high demand seasons
  3. Where you can save money, energy, and time by following a plan
  4. To gain confidence in managing a structure with irrigation, netting, heating, ventilation, and more
  5. What to grow, why and how to rotate crops
  6. How to tackle weeds, pests, and diseases 


Course includes:

  • 6 classes that include over 16 hours of videos
  • Each class is made up of many video sessions
  • PDF downloads and resources 
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the entire course and its resources
  • Optional Private Facebook Group for students to network with each other and to interact with instructors. After school is complete, students continue to be a member of the group and the instructors monitor for questions

Course Info:


Our Guarantee:

Money-back guarantee within 7-days of course going live with no questions asked. Details in the FAQ.



Meet Steve & Gretel Adams

Steve and Gretel Adams started Sunny Meadows Flower Farm in 2006. It all started when they worked on a nearby farm and fell in love with flower farming. They developed a deep passion for farming and a strong drive to make their farming business the most efficient and profitable to provide a living for themselves and their team.

The farm is located in Columbus, Ohio in winter hardiness zone 6A. With 17 structures in production along with field growing they are able to produce flowers from March to November. Their ability to produce into the high-demand flower shoulder seasons allows for extended sales and better year-round employee retention.

In the beginning, they sold straight bunches of sunflowers and zinnias. Then they added mixed bouquets and that’s when the obsession with flower artistry really began. They soon realized they could create a botanical adventure by using what’s seasonally in bloom, making their weekly bouquets ever-changing.

They have multiple sales outlets and focus on both high production and specialty crops. Their passion drives their growth to supply more people with domestically-grown flowers as year-round as possible.

Being first-generation farmers, they knew it was going to be necessary to learn from others. Through that journey and the resulting success, it has made them even more passionate to share their experiences and knowledge with the wider farming community.

Steve and Gretel speak at national conferences and are members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. They were regular contributors for Growing For Market magazine and other farming publications with over 30 articles published.


Rosie Standish

This course was by far one of my most valuable workshops. I am in my second year growing in hoop structure and all of the ins and outs of structure and growing is covered. Wish I had taken course a few years back. Gretel and Steve’s knowledge, experience, advice, mistakes, are all shared. Big 10 stars if there were that many to give. Worth the money and time! Thank you, thank you!!!

Sheila Hlubucek

Best farm course I’ve ever taken. Great detail and insights. Videos and images backing up content. This course really takes you there. Steve and Gretel are generous with their wisdom. The course has filled in so many blanks for me.

Heidi Luck

Great course! Lot’s of very valuable “How to” information for tunnel flower farmers. I would highly recommend this course if you are thinking of growing in tunnels-heated or unheated. Thank you, Heidi Luck Luck of Bolton Farm, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

A & D Turner 

I love this course.
I’m a total beginner and just set up a brand new high tunnel. Now what? I was so overwhelmed and this course was perfect. I only wish I had taken it before I set up my system. But no worries, there are many right ways, many ways were discussed, and I now have ideas for future plans. Ok so the course gave so much more knowledge than I expected, everything from start to production. Every question I asked was answered in the live chat. I had to miss one of the live chats but it’s available now for viewing. I loved being able to do the coursework as I had time. I love that I can go back and view the videos anytime I want. I appreciated learning from growers who have experience, and basically gave me all of the knowledge, tips and tricks to succeed.


I have been growing in tunnels for some time now. Steve and Gretel have put together a solid course that – even I – got numerous pointers and tips from. I particularly like the way they have worked to expand and streamline operations, have found the best ways to maximize space, and have developed a solid schedule for the planting, growing and harvesting of many, various top-shelf crops. I met them several years ago and they have grown their farm exponentially in such a short time since. They are hard working, problem solving, righteous people that I admire greatly.
This course is definitely one that every flower farmer should take advantage of. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone back to re-hear things that I have learned (in the comfort of my own home) and it is so great to know that I will always be able to do this, anytime. A solid investment!!

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