Farmer-Florist School Online:

The Wedding Process

with Jennie Love

Wondering if now is the time to enter the farmer-florist business? You’ve been considering adding weddings and events to your flower business, but just aren’t sure? View the video below!

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Farmer-Florist School Online: The Wedding Process

In this course, Jennie Love, a leader in the farmer-florist industry, brings lessons from her firsthand experiences from doing over 600 weddings. Learn how Jennie’s event florist business came through the pandemic and what her business vision is for its future.

Go behind the glam of the flowers and master the behind-the-scenes business and planning process. From initial client contact all the way through to post-wedding follow-up, is where true success lies for a farmer-florist business.

This course covers these important topics and more:

  • Determining which type of weddings and events are right for you
  • Growing and sourcing sustainably for weddings (including top crops to plant)
  • Finding the right clients
  • Communicating efficiently and effectively with clients to save your sanity
  • Crafting a proposal package that sells
  • Pricing for profit and strategizing for long-term business growth
  • Learning to say no and be graceful under fire
  • NEW Sessions for 2020: Navigating Covid-19 as an Event Florist, Critical Lessons Learned:
    • The Mark-up Model Must GO!
    • Clean Up the Contract
    • Designer’s Choice is the Only Choice!

 Farmer-Florist School Online: The Wedding Process is a 6-week self-paced course with over 16 hours of video plus live weekly group coaching call sessions.

Registration for this course will be open October. The 6-week course will begin on November 3, 2021, course cost is $695. 

This course has been specifically designed for farmer-florists, but is open and helpful for any students curious about or already working in the wedding industry. It will serve as a great springboard for those designers who may not currently be growing their own flowers but who would like to start.

Christine D.

Jennie so generously shares her vast knowledge of flower farming and how to run a successful farmer florist operation. In this course, she shares everything from contracts to what specific flowers you should grow for weddings. Her knowledge and expertise has contributed greatly to the success and growth of our little flower farm. 

New River Escape Barn & Guest House

Jennie is amazing…a totally open book – full of information that it would take you years to figure out on your own. This class has helped me structure my business and move forward with a plan. She is inspiring, real and shoots from the hip. She’s “that kind of smart” that the rest of us can only aspire to. I could not recommend this class more! TAKE THE CLASS.

Sophie D

Jenny’s course was awesome! We were in the middle of the pandemic mess, sessions were super packed with unparralled info and knowledge. Jenny is a wonderful teacher able to transfer her enormous knowledge in a very sharp and comprehensive way! The weekly Q&A sessions were super helpful to navigate the process and to have all (I mean ALL) questions answered. It’s now 6 months after the class and I already saved so much $ (and mental health) with what I learned.


Meet Jennie Love


Owner and Creative Director of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers in Philadelphia, Jennie Love is a professionally-trained floriculturist and life-long farmer. Leaving behind an earlier career in corporate marketing, Jennie took up urban flower farming in 2008 and launched her bustling event design studio in 2009. A charismatic and passionate entrepreneur, Jennie found her natural niche crafting sustainable wedding bouquets using her own farm’s flowers. Arguably the foremost farmer-florist in the industry today, she has flowered more than 500 weddings and numerous other special events in the past decade.


Jennie has been featured several times in the New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, The Knot, and the Philadelphia Inquirer for her seed-to-centerpiece efforts. She was named one of the top wedding florists in the nation by Martha Stewart in 2015. In addition to weddings, her distinctively lush and textural floral designs have been used in numerous photo shoots, magazines, style blogs, and books. Jennie has hosted more than 80 workshops and master classes at her farm as well as traveling across the U.S. and Canada to teach. She is the currently President of the international Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers and writes a regular column for the notable Cut Flower Quarterly.


On a petite, but highly productive, five-acre farm in Philadelphia, Jennie runs a very profitable floral business that fully supports herself and four+ employees each season. She has built her farm from the ground up, one hundred percent on her own initiative, over the past 12 years, using weddings as the main revenue source. Learn how she did it.


Note of interest: Watch the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers documentary Local Flowers, Local Farmers here. Jennie’s story was one of several that was included in the filming.


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Jennie is the real thing! She takes you step by step through her process of being a successful farmer-florist in a very accessible way. She shares the highs and is honest about the lows. This course is more than just beautiful photos. (Although she shares those, and they’re amazing!) I would recommend this course to anyone considering moving towards the farmer-florist model.

Seven Stems Flowers 

This course was top notch. The detail in processes, correct pricing and focus on profitability as a farmer florist is like nothing out there right now. Jennie gave us full access to her documents which are an absolute game changer in understanding how the wedding market works. This course is essential for farmer florists looking to increase revenue and turn their focus onto event design. Jennie is an amazing teacher and the q and a sessions were icing on the cake.


Wow – weddings and events are a big opportunity for flower farmers! This course is a thorough guide to what it takes to be a successful and profitable farmer florist. Jennie is both inspiring and realistic about best practices and valuing your time and your ability to create a beautiful product, all the while maintaining a high standard for customer care and compassion. Like Lisa and Dave in other courses, Jennie is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and encouraging camaraderie amongst everyone involved in the wedding/event, as well as flower-farmer florists.

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What is NOT included in this course: This course is focused on the behind-the-scenes business of weddings. This is not a flower arranging course and will not include tips for designing. One of the six classes in this course is focused on growing flowers, but generally this is not a comprehensive farming course. Flower Farming School Online: Business Fundamentals, Annual Crops, Marketing and More! (Ziegler) and Flower Farming School Online: Bulbs, Perennials, Woodies, and More! (Dowling) courses cover the topics of growing flowers much more in-depth.


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