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The Basics, Annual Crops, Marketing, and More!

Online Flower Farming School with Lisa Mason Ziegler

Wondering if you can produce enough on your small space to have a business and to do it with no greenhouse or cooler? Lisa has done it for 25+ years and you can too! This school is her road map sharing the building block steps to becoming a successful flower farmer or how to hit the reset button on an existing flower farming business.

  • Class 1 - Starting and Sustaining a Business

  • Class 2 - Building and Managing the Working Garden

  • Class 3 - Selling What you Grow

  • Class 4 - What to Grow

  • Class 5 - Starting Seeds

  • Class 6 - Harvesting and Conditioning Cut Flowers

* 54 Video Sessions, 34 Bonus Trainings, & 40 Printable Handouts. 


BONUS 1: “Cool Flowers” Field Grower’s Report

This exclusive “cool flowers” tool is a living report built by field growers from around the world. Detailing their field grown cool flower experiences from just about every USDA plant hardiness zone so you can learn about new cool flowers & where others have had success or failures growing in similar climates.


BONUS 2: Exclusive 1,700+ Member Facebook Community

Connect with almost like-minded individuals: Being part of a community of students who share the same interest in flower farming can help you stay up-to-date on industry trends, get access to exclusive resources, along with receiving feedback and support from your peers.


BONUS 3: Access to Our Gallery of 200+ Flower Images

Use our high quality images on your website, emails, or social media pages to help attract potential customers, leading to increased brand awareness and ultimately, more business opportunities.


BONUS 4: 34 Bonus Training Videos

We’re dedicated to helping you become a flower farming master. That’s why we’ve created 34 bonus training videos that cover everything from pinching and watering to harvesting and conditioning, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to succeed.


Turn Your Flower Dreams Into Reality!


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